About Sofia Sveta Gora
Sofia Sveta Gora originated as a medieval complex of 14 monasteries which developed around Sofia and the mountains around it during the Second Bulgarian Empire. The Sveti Georgi Monastery at Bistritsa used to be recognised as lavra, or of the highest rank, and the Dragalevtsi Monastery, named Sveta Bogoroditsa Vitoshka, is also today the mos... more
About the project
Sofia Sveta Gora pilgrimage and cultural tourism route is based on restoration of a pilgrimage route that links the spiritual sanctuaries around Sofia. The project, initiated by the Credo Bonum Foundation in partnership with Sofia Municipality, seeks to encourage, by creating the proper conditions for cultural tourism, the adoption of a more respo... more
Exhibition Sofiyska Sveta Gora - The Un/Known Route
Credo Bonum Gallery presents Sofiyska Sveta Gora The Un/Known Route 27 September - 27 October 2011 Opening: 27 September 2011, Tuesday, 6:30 PM This exhibition is part of a project of the Credo Bonum Foundation that aims at resurrecting the pilgrimage route that connects the spiritual sites in the... more